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  • Happy Ada Lovelace Day! #MySTEMrolemodel is Dr Jane Goodall

    Posted by Shelly on October 13, 2015

    Embodying The Spirit Of Research And Scientific Discovery For Over 45 Years

    As part of Digital Science's celebrations for Ada Lovelace Day, I'd like to share a few words about my one of my female role models, Dr Jane Goodall.

    "Jane has embodied the spirit of research and scientific discovery for over 45 years! Her tireless observations of chimpanzees and meticulous notes led to significant discoveries like the fact that chimpanzees make tools that they utilize – formerly only thought to be achieved by humans. Her lifelong commitment to research and discovery has inspired and resulted in a valiant volume of data, both written and visual."
    "Several Jane Goodall research centers, such as the Jane Goodall Institute Research Center at Duke University and the Jane Goodall Research Center of USC, care for and offer access to this data to benefit current and future scientists."
    "Just as Ada Lovelace was an example of how one mathematician can make a big difference, Jane Goodall is a living example of how just one person, one scientist, can make a HUGE difference in the world! Jane continues to travel around the world spreading her message about the importance of conservation and preservation, empowering young scientists, modeling actions toward the betterment of the world, and instilling hope."

    Check out my video for Ada Lovelace Day on the Digital Science blog post, and find out how you can get involved below!

    About #MySTEMrolemodel

    Digital Science are celebrating Ada Lovelace Day by running a series of blog posts throughout October where inspiring women in STEM are sharing their personal role models. Anyone can get involved and we encourage you to share your role model on social media using the hashtag #MySTEMrolemodel - please share your stories and experiences!

    Digital Science are also sponsoring Ada Lovelace Day Live! 2015 and are hosting a free event on women in STEM on October 14th at their London office. Find out more and register for it here.


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