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  • New feature: ready, set… DETACH!

    Posted by Paulo on June 15, 2022

    At Overleaf, one of our goals is to make your editing experience the most efficient, feature rich and pleasant as possible. We are very excited to announce a brand new feature to rock your workflow: the PDF detach!

    This feature allows users to see the PDF preview of their project in a separate tab, so they can use the code editor in full screen mode without losing the final view of the PDF. We know this was one of the most frequent feature requests made by users, and it’s finally here!

    That sounds awesome, so how does one enable this feature? This is the best part: it’s already available out of the box! You will notice a new Layout option in the top bar. Just click and choose the best option for you!

    PDF detach, layout option

    Let’s see it in action:

    All users (from free and premium plans) will be able to use the PDF detach feature, and we believe all users who are accustomed to using two screens in their workflow will benefit from it. Also, if you are presenting or sharing your screen, you can focus on the content and layout.

    Feel free to reach out to us at and share your thoughts about this exciting new feature and also your experience with Overleaf! Every word counts! You can also book an interview with our Product team, so we can dig a little deeper into your needs! And hey, you may also want to join our awesome Beta programme to get early access to new features!

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