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  • October News Update

    Posted by Kate on October 16, 2019

    Hi everyone,

    September is always a busy month for us here at Overleaf, as for a lot of our users it marks the start of the new academic year, bringing with it a mixture of new and returning students, along with the researchers and teachers preparing for their new classes. So welcome back if you’ve just been on a summer break!

    Since the launch of Overleaf v2, we’ve continued to work hard behind the scenes to make many updates and improvements to the platform (including the newly released TeXLive 2018 image), and we appreciate everyone that’s written in to report bugs or with feature suggestions; you all help us make Overleaf better for everyone 😊

    Earlier this year we also hit the milestone of over four million users worldwide, which still amazes us everytime we’re reminded of it (which is fairly frequently at the moment given the jump in usage the start of term brings!).

    We have a lot of work in progress for the remainder of this year, and we always love to hear from you, whether it’s with feedback or ideas, if you’re interested in working with us, or if you need help with something. Please do get in touch 😊


    John & John

    Overleaf Founders

    TEX Live 2018


    Yes, we realise that we’re a year behind with this 2018 release, and we’re planning to follow up with a TeX Live 2019 release later this year. TeX Live upgrades are a big project for us, because we do a lot of work to make sure that the new release is stable and performant, so we’re taking it slowly and incrementally.

    Read our blog post to find out more about some of the key changes in TeX Live 2018, what effect they can have on your projects and how you can create your own typeset ducks!

    You’ll also not have to wait as long for our TeX Live 2019 release which will be with you before the end of the year.

    Overleaf Meet-up


    As a remote first company we try to have regular meet-ups throughout the year. Two weeks ago we met-up in our London office to discuss future plans, projects and to share knowledge & information through a series of ‘unconference’ sessions.

    We feel it’s a great opportunity for us to ‘break down the silos’ and improve on our internal collaboration as we expand as a team. Plus it gave us a chance to try on our new t-shirts and hoodies.

    Top Tip

    Q: I wish I could jump to a location in the code from my PDF, and vice versa.

    A: You can do this in Overleaf! You can use the arrow keys that sits on the divider between the source code panel and the preview panel, to jump from source-to-preview, or preview-to-source.

    Double-clicking on the PDF will also bring you to the corresponding line in the source panel. If you don’t see these buttons, click on the Overleaf menu button on the upper left, scroll to the bottom, and change the “PDF viewer” to “built-in”.

    Recompile Top Tip

    Each newsletter we pick a top tip from our community of users and craft it as a top tip for the wider Overleaf community. If you have a top tip, feel free to send it to us via Twitter or Facebook.


    We’re always thinking of ways to make your use of Overleaf and LaTeX as enjoyable and productive as possible. Below you will find a range of extremely helpful resources which are free to download (and we’re working on new resources which will be with you in due course. Keep your eyes peeled!)

    You can find both of these resources on our Community Resources page.

    Save The Date

    We’ll be attending the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) on 21-25 October in Washington DC, United States.

    If you’re going and would like to book in for a one-to-one chat with our team, just email us, or pop by booth 2027 and say hi!

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