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SSP BookSprint 2016 on Overleaf


Overleaf is delighted to be working with the "Sprint Beyond the Book" team at SSP 2016! Please see the sections below for more information on how to join the sprint and how to get started on Overleaf!

Join SSP BookSprint 2016 on Overleaf

The 2016 BookSprint has now ended! Look out for the final book composed of all the contributions we received throughout SSP2016, due to be released shortly!

Quick Start

If you are new to Overleaf, please watch the short tutorial video below to get a quick overview of the key features of the Overleaf editor and platform.

Once you've watched the video, you can start writing using the template we've created for the Sprint sessions. Simply click on the template image below, and then click on the "Open as Template" button on the page which follows. Instructions and examples for how to use the editor are given within the template, and if you have any questions please ask the Sprint coordinator.

When you have completed your document, please use the ‘VERSIONS’ menu in the editor to save a version labelled ‘first draft’ (or similar), and then email the weblink (the URL) of your project to the sprint coordinator.

Thanks for taking part! We hope you enjoy using Overleaf, and if you have any questions please ask others in the room, or send us a message via our contact form.

Intro Videos

Modèles LaTeX mis en avant

FAQ & Help

What is Overleaf?

Overleaf is an online collaborative writing and publishing tool. It allows you to collaborate online with coauthors and greatly simplifies the process of creating and writing your documents. Our custom templates allow authors to submit their papers and books directly to many journals and repositories via Overleaf.

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