Imperial College London Competition Poster Template

Imperial College London and LianTze Lim
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LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c

Imperial College London provides a set of Competition Poster Templates with official colour-scheme and branding guidelines.

Here we provide LaTeX versions of these templates, which use the beamer poster theme created for Imperial College by Lian Tze Lim (Overleaf).

To start working on your poster, simply click the 'Open as Template' button above. You'll be able to set up your template to use any of the four official Imperial College London poster colour-schemes:

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • White

The template also provides the option to toggle between different sizes (e.g. A0, A1) and different orientations (portrait, landscape) as required.

The example poster shown on the right uses the White colour-scheme, and is set to be A0, portrait by default.

Imperial College London Competition Poster Template