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  • Posted by John on January 28, 2014

    We're delighted to announce a new partnership with the open access publisher PeerJ. As a writeLaTeX user, you can now submit your articles directly to their journal or pre-print server.

    Writelatex PeerJ journal article and preprint LaTeX template screenshot
  • Posted by Henry on January 27, 2014

    This article was originally published on the ShareLaTeX blog and is reproduced here for archival purposes.

  • Posted by John on January 25, 2014

    Photos from the launch event are now online.

    View the event gallery

    Writelatex British Library Event Photo
  • Posted on January 17, 2014

    Last night we were excited to launch our new product ‘Overleaf’ at the British Library.

    Writelatex Overleaf logo

    Overleaf is a new collaborative science publication system, making the whole process of writing and editing scientific papers much quicker for both authors and publishers.

  • Posted by John on December 31, 2013

    Science is changing. The widespread reach and accessibility of the internet means that more people have access to more knowledge than ever before.

    This is helping science at each end of the spectrum, from young scientists learning about the latest developments from CERN or on-board the International Space Station, through to the international, multi-disciplinary collaborations which make these projects possible and use the results to discover new breakthroughs and inspire new ideas.

    To kick off the New Year and this new chapter in scientific publishing, we're organising an Academia 2.0 event in the evening on 16 January at the British Library.

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